Product name: Fullaway Clothes Moth Stop Spray
Active Substance: EC Oil (H/C)
Capacity: 250 ml
Packaging: HDPE-bottle
Weight incl. packaging: g
Shelf-life: 3 years
Packaging unit: 12 pieces


Use only according to instructions. Misuse can lead to health risks.

Fullaway® Moth Stop Spray reliably keeps away clothes moths, fur beetles and other storage and textile pests.
The active substance from the leaves of the lemon eucalyptus drives away existing vital infestations (in the flyable stage of development) and prevents new infestations.

Before storing the textiles, spray Fullaway® Moth Stop Spray onto the textiles from a distance of approx. 10 cm. Check clothing for material and color fastness, do not treat sensitive clothing directly. In this case, we recommend spraying the suitcases, chests, etc. in which the clothes are to be stored or wrapping the clothes in a towel previously impregnated with Fullaway® Moth Stop Spray.

Repeat or refresh the treatment after 6 months.



  • ready-to-use spray against clothes moths
  • protects textiles from damage by moths
  • spray textiles preventively
  • for textiles for storage in suitcases, chests, cupboards, drawers
  • practical to use
  • fresh scent
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