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Mosquitoes love heat and humidity and therefore they multiply millions of times, especially in the summer months. In addition, the short development cycle potentiates the mosquito problem in many areas. Mosquitoes are not just annoying and uncomfortable, they also transmit dangerous diseases such as zika, yellow fever and malaria.

The typical human scent cocktail is perceivable by the highly developed senses of mosquitoes over hundreds of meters. Mosquitoes are mostly active at dusk and during the night time – exactly when humans prefer staying outdoors during the summer months.

Fullaverde® Repellents provide ultimate protection against the most relevant species of mosquitoes, ticks and other vermin.

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Product Material Safety Data Sheets will be provided to our customers upon request. Please don´t hesitate to contact us.

Fullaverde® Mosquito and Tick products are as much possible based on natural raw materials. The active substance EC Oil is formed from an extract of the Lemon Eucalyptus leaves in a unique, patented manufacturing process.

Fullaverde® Mosquito and Tick products are dermatologically tested and are rated »excellent« by the Original Dermatest®. Products awarded with this seal keep the promise of a tested and confirmed quality.

Fullaverde® Mosquito and Tick products are suitable for children aged 6 months and older. In contrast to most other products available on the market Fullaverde® products can also be used for infants.

Fullaverde® Mosquito and Tick products show a good efficacy against mosquitoes, ticks and gadflies. They represent a natural-based alternative to mosquito repellents with chemical-synthetic active substances like DEET, Icaridin or IR3535.

All Fullaverde® formulations are waterbased and free from unwanted declaration and hazard symbols.

Fullaverde® Mosquito and Tick products are developed and produced in Austria. Raw material and packaging are mainly delivered by Austrian partners.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.