Fullagreen® IGC

Obtained from the leaves of palmarosa grass by steam extraction or produced synthetically in high purity.

  • in notification by Fulltec for PT 18 & 19 Insecticides, Acaricides & Repellents
  • relevant use: Concentrate for the production of EU-compliant insecticidal biocidal products
  • Efficacy & Safety confirmed by laboratory and field tests
  • besides natural pyrethrum, the most frequently used "green" biocidal active substance
  • non-classified Fulltec reference formulation
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Household insecticides against flying and crawling insects

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Trade name: Fullagreen® IGC

CAS-Number: 106-24-1

Form: liquid | Colour: colourless to pale yellow | Odour: sweet, floral, rosy

Application: for application on insects, on surfaces and materials

Efficacy: kills insects when applied directly

Relevant species: against crawling and flying insects

Mode of Action: The specific viscosity gives Geraniol the necessary creeping properties that enables it to deeply penetrate the finely branched breathing system of insects and larvae which leads to the death of the pests.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.