Headlice Products

with Dimethicone

Fullsan Dual-Phase Shampoo

Fullsan® Dual-Phase Shampoo consists of 2 phases:

Phase 1 - active phase:
consists of a silicone oil mixture, which ensures the reliable removal of head lice infestation.

Phase 2 - wash-out-aid:
is an exclusively natural cosmetic raw material based shampoo, which washes the active phase and dead lice and nits out of the hair.

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Development Cycle of the Head Louse

Adult head lice are up to 3mm long and are white-gray to red-brown in color. They feed exclusively on human blood and are transferred through close body contact from head to head. The bite is painless but the saliva that is transferred leads to the well-known itching.

The development cycle of the head louse goes through several stages - from the nit (egg) to the nymph (larva) to the adult louse.

The female louse lays its eggs on the scalp. Particularly favorite places are behind the ears, in the neck area and the temples as these are especially thick with hair. The eggs adhere with a sticky, non-water soluble substance.

After approx. 8-10 days the larvae hatch from the eggs. After good one week and several molts the larvae have developed into sexually mature adults that a few days later lay eggs themselves. The generation cycle is therefore approximately three weeks.

Trade name: Fullsan® Dual Phase Shampoo

Form: liquid | Colour: transparent | Odour: odourless

Application: for human application

Efficacy: kills head lice in all stages of development

Relevant species: against Head lice, larvae and nits

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