Product name: X-Line Spot On
Active Substance: EC Oil (H/C)
Capacity: 6 ml / 15 ml
Packaging: 3 tubes in folding box
Weight incl. packaging: g
Shelf-life: 3 years
Packaging unit: pieces

Instructions for use:

Use only according to instructions. Misuse can lead to health risks.

Application directly on the animal: Open the cap by twisting off the tip of the tube on the wings. Apply the contents of a tube (for small animals, half the contents of the tube up to the marking line on the tube) directly to the skin in an even stroke from the head to the base of the tail along the spine, with the tube's trunk dividing the coat and bringing the liquid to the skin. The ingredients distribute themselves over the body within a short period of time (24-48 hours depending on size and coat condition), existing infestation is eliminated, protection of up to 12 weeks begins.



  • to repel ticks and fleas
  • suitable for cats as well as small and large dogs
  • immediate protection
  • keeps vermin away up to 12 weeks
  • new infestation is prevented
  • quick, comprehensive effect due to excellent spreading behavior
  • the treated organism is not stressed
  • also suitable for young animals 12 weeks and older
  • no resistance possible
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