Product name: Protect-Line Pet Protection Spray
Active Substance: EC Oil (H/C)
Capacity: 500 ml
Packaging: HDPE-bottle
Weight incl. packaging: 520 g
Shelf-life: 3 years
Packaging unit: 12 pieces

Instructions for use:

Use only according to instructions. Misuse can lead to health risks.

Shake Protect-Line Pet Protection Spray well before use.

If there is a high expected intensity of ecto-parasite pressure (e.g. when walking the pet) the pet is sprayed thoroughly (away from its head), prior to the walk. If there are more pets in the household, it is recommended to treat all pets at the same time.

Under normal conditions Protect-Line Pet Protection Spray is generally well tolerated. As with any essential oil, local overdosing may irritate the skin and in rare cases lead to allergic reactions which are commonly reversible. The product is not water-proof, extensive bathing as well as other rubbing-off parameters such as brushing or change of coat may reduce the efficacy of the treatment. In such cases, an immediate second treatment is recommended.


  • acts in high tick and flea infestation areas
  • repels efficiently ticks and fleas on pets
  • keeps away ticks and fleas for minimum 24 hours at >90% protection level
  • excellent immediate effect
  • will not harm or be a burden for the pet – no permeation
  • suitable also for kitten and puppy
  • no resistance possible
  • pleasant scent
  • also suitable for small pets like rodents, ferrets, hedgehogs etc.
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